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The automotive industry is relying on a wide range of ID solutions from basic labeling to heavy-duty markings or die cut.


Specific ID products and solutions are used in the Aerospace Industry in precise compliance with the actual standards.


Accurate and secure marking,  identification and special die cuts are the main ID solutions applied in the electronics industry.


Medical Industries and related environments need high-quality ID products as  support for vital care and services to patients.


Logistics demands specific marking and traceability solutions, to deal with a diversity of surfaces and environmental conditions.


ID Solutions

Our ID Solution division is delivering products and solutions ranging from simple blank logistics labels to facility Safety & Sign Markings or even complete Print & Apply. Our portfolio includes equipment, label design software, consumables, installation, integration and on-site support. We also provide a wide range of die-cut parts - from basic double side adhesives to multi-layer printed panels specialties, such as thermal management, foams gaskets.


Match Point

Match Point is a concept developed by LTHD to provide optimal solutions to any challenge faced by our clients in the ID field. Our own raw materials database, including more than 1000 entries, combined with the wide portfolio of equipment we can handle, cover the entire range of specific conversion technologies. The MatchPoint process distills our know-how for matching the above components in perfect technical harmony and within the shortest time framework possible.


Service Quality

Being solution-oriented and having implemented the highest industry-specific standards, we offer a wide variety of marking and identification products and services, supported by a team of more than 100 specialized employees. Benefiting from partnerships with world-leading industry manufacturers also ensures that our customers get the best products, the lowest cost of ownership and the highest know-how levels in the industry.





What is Match Point?

Match Point is our in-house solution, distilling more than 20 years of experience. This "search and match" process is providing our clients with the best way to solve any requirement in the ID field.

Why Match Point?

We created Match Point with the intention of shielding our clients from all the risks involved in the decision-making process while ensuring that they will get the most reliable and long-lasting solution.

Match Point process.

Match Point enhances our ability to achieve the best final product by leveraging our know-how in selecting the optimal combination of materials, equipment and production processes.

Match Point in action.

Providing fast and valuable feedback to any request made by our clients is the main goal of our Match Point process. Our commitment is to always provide the best and reliable answer in the shortest time possible.

Storage & Application

Storage Conditions

Storage conditions should be followed as they can significantly influence the behaviour of the product during the application process. Therefore there are special requirements to be respected, in term of temperature and humidity conditions as described in the document bellow.


Application Techniques

The surface on which the label/die cut will be applied, should be properly prepared in order to achieve a proper and durable adhesion. Depending of(on) the different surface types and nature, there are several steps to be fulfilled as detailed the document bellow.


Contact SMART ID

In order to get any specific info as product technical support, quotes, (order status) please fill up the following form. We will be happy to reply in the shortest time possible.

Your privacy is very important to LTHD Corporation and we are committed to respecting it by taking all necessary measures.


Our headquarters, main production and logistics centre are located in Timisoara, Ardealului Street Nr. 70, Romania. You can reach us by using the following coordinates.

  • Ardealului 70 - 300153 Timișoara - RO
  • +40 256 202 286, +40 256 201 273
  • +40 723 636 500, +40 729 009 922
  • Work hours: 09.00 - 17.00 M-F
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